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Patronage dates way back. If it weren’t for Patrons the World would be without Romeo & Juliet & The Mona Lisa. Leonardo Da Vinci, Shakespeare & even Mozart all had patrons, mostly aristocrats who paid them to enjoy their works and help them continue creating.

Patreon is a modern day version of this, a way to allow small creators like ourselves to connect with you and learn what it is you enjoy about our work and what you’d love to see in future. We hope to do live Q&A’s to gain real feedback from those who genuinely enjoy our work and have opinions on what they’d like to see. If this is you, then please click the logo on the left, we’d love to have you join us on this creative journey, all funds go towards improving our videos, for example when we got our first patron we used the money towards an upgrade to the music we use in our videos :)

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Hey we're Craig & Kirsty, a British couple who met ten years ago while studying at the same University. Since graduating we moved near London, got our careers off the ground, bought our first house & 'Tide the Knot' on a beautiful Italian beach.

Throughout the years we have had some great trips together & our love of travelling grew, so we decided it was time to chase our dreams. 

In March 2020 we rented our house out & said goodbye to friends & family as we boarded a one-way flight to begin our adventure.

Our plan is to travel the World & document our daily travels on YouTube & Instagram. You can also find blogs from some of our trips right here.


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